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Last Modified 5/31/11

Welcome to north. We are happy you chose to be your Internet access provider. On this web site you'll find important information concerning your Internet account. Please read the following information in its entirety. If you have questions, please contact the north office at 1-800-63e-mail (1-800-633-6245) or you can email us at

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Cheryl Bostelman, Manager
Linda Behnfeldt, Customer Service
Stephanie Bostelman, Customer Service
Logan Merillat, Technical Support

Invoices are sent to the customer via email on the 5th of each month, payments are due by the 25th of each month. In the event you do not pay the charges invoiced to you by the due date, a $2.00 late fee will be assessed. Accounts not paid in full by the end of the second accounting cycle will be subject to an additional $2.50 late charge along with a $15.0 reconnection fee. The account will be inaccessible to the customer until all fees owed to north are received.

Charges for accounts that are terminated, either by the customer or by are not pro-rated, and shall be due for the entire month.

Internet Access accounts are subject to sales tax if the account is used for business purposes. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the Subscriber Acknowledgement to the office of north stating whether they will be using the account for business or personal use. If the Subscriber Acknowledgement is not returned, the account is then considered a business account and sales tax will be charged.

Unpaid balances are sent to a collection agency.

Customers must contact our office to request cancellation of service. They are responsible for paying the current month of service, plus any past due balance due.

Use of Services north, Inc does not restrict you from any portion of the Internet. Furthermore, when on and Unmetered service plan, there is no restriction on the total time spent on the Internet during an accounting cycle.

All service plans include an automatic disconnect after an idle period and after a continuous single session.