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Last Modified 12/5/07

Welcome to Communications! We are happy to have you as a member of the Internet community! On this web site you'll find important information concerning your Internet account. Please read the following information completely.

Technical Support
Hours: 24/7
Phone: 1-800-743-5707
Web Page:

Billing - Dialup
Activation Fee and 1st Month's Service: $10.00

After your 1st month, your monthly charges will be for the service package you select:

BrightLite - $9.95 30 hours of use per month
Unmetered Package - $19.95/mo. for unmetered usage

Broadband Services
Please contact our office for information on pricing and options available in your area.

Package Changes
Any account/package changes need to be requested before the 1st of the month.

Example: John Smith would like to upgrade to the unlimited package for the month of June. As long as John calls us before June 1st, his request can be processed. If he calls us after June 1st, the change will not be in effect until July 1st.

Payment of Fees
Accounts are billed on a monthly basis. Bills are sent mailed on the 15th of each month and include charges for that month's access and, if applicable, last month's overtime charges.

Payment of your bill must be made by the last day of the month. All payments received after the due date are subject to a $2.50 late fee. Bills postmarked before the last day of the month, but not received by our office before the last day of the month will be charged the $2.50 late fee.

Cancellations is a service based on unmetered or hourly use. If you order an account disconnected after the first of the month you are sill responsible for that month's access charge. Your bill will not be pro-rated.

Example: John Smith wishes to cancel his account on the 12th of the month. We can deactivate his account on that day, however, the entire fee for that month is still due.

Use of Services does not restrict the customer from any portion of the Internet.